David knows a lot of people in the town, and knew our circumstances of having to relocate quickly, he was able to find a buyer who wasn't exactly looking in our area, but he showed them the town of Edenton and then showed them our house and they loved it, and bought it. David was also the selling realtor on the house when we bought it, he has stopped by a number of times just to say hello.--Tanya Garbacz June, 2015

This is the sixth house that I have sold, this one by myself; as my husband passed away seven years ago. At 83, it is time for me to move to a retirement home in Virginia Beach. David McCall was my agent, he worked very hard at showing my house and always kept me informed as to what was going on. Property in this area is not moving very fast but David kept busy trying to find my a buyer and he did. In the past sales I wasn't always happy with agents, some I felt didn't earn their commissions. By far David was the best most professional agent that I have ever dealt with. Thank you David!--Dorothy Bangert

David is an excellent realtor, he was extremely helpful throughout the process of purchasing our home. His knowledge of the Edenton area and desire to deliver the buyer with an outstanding product at a fair price make him our choice for real estate needs.--Rick and Gayle Carroll

We know David from the perspectives of both seller and buyer- he is extremely hard-working, fair and a great facilitator. Highly recommend him!--Paul White

David is a very personable and knowledgeable realtor. His familiarity with northeastern North Carolina both past and present make appointments very enjoyable. He is always working and available day and night. In my opinion, he is one of the best realtors I've ever had the priviledge of working with.-- Guy Shaneybrook

RAY JOHNSON--Raleigh, NC--919-669-2556--Call me anytime about David McCall.

David McCall is the BEST! Email him at

Long before David became a Realtor, I enlisted his investment savy to double and triple my money in various investment venues. And I found his advice and his understanding of the Real Estate Investment World to be perfect in every way.

Now, as a Real Estate Professional--a North Carolina Realtor--there is no question in my mind that David McCall will maximize your PROFITS when selling property and minimize your COSTS when buying property. He can assist you with any listing in North Carolina--but you must absolutely contact him first.

He will also REFER you to a Great Realtor in any STATE-- for buying or selling.

Just ask him about his REFERRAL PROGRAM.

David knows what property is worth! That's why he always made the seller or the buyer happy, whomever he has worked for. Think about that!

It's important that people know that David is talented in that area.

Like David says, talk to him first before making a mistake and talking to someone else!!!

My name is Ray Johnson and I operate Lakeside Properties in Raleigh, North Carolina. You may call and ask me anything you like about David McCall and his ability to do great work for you--919-669-2556. Or just call David at 252-333-9969.

He may have a deal waiting for you!

David will be fair and courteous to all parties
in a Real Estate transaction.--Margaret Furlough

He has put more money in our pocket!--John Furlough

David makes the difficult part of selling easy and smooth.--Jeannie Olecki

He is readily available and easy to reach!--Jim Olecki

With his HISTORIC background and diverse experiences, David is the perfect Realtor for this area. And I must say that he uses strategies that many other  Realtors fail to use or even begin to understand!!!--Mary Carr

Did everything by mail--never even met David until after he worked out a great buy for me--can you believe it, 2 acres on the water for way south of 100K, awesome--hooked me up with the lawyer I wanted and now is helping me to find a builder who will meet all of my Real Estate goals.--Dr. Charles Thomas Witherell

David McCall was never representing me as a buyer's agent. In fact, I had my own agent from the Beach. I also know for a fact that David worked out a great deal for his client as the Listing Agent. However, as a single male from near Boston, MA moving to small town North Carolina, I could not have asked for a better Realtor in someone like David McCall of ERA All Seasons Realty in Edenton. After his job was done, David still made sure a handicapped ramp was installed at no initial cost to me and that certain maintenance items that normally would have taken months to resolve were taken care of the day I moved into my new home. Also, I still believe it was his goal to hook me up with the local Optimist Club to give me a great venue into networking in the community. I could not have had a better buyer's agent, even though that wasn't even his job. And I know for a fact he made the Listing client very happy as well.

David, thanks for making my move--OH! So smooth to North Carolina!--Bob Lawson.

I did not believe I could sell my house and earn the money I thought it really deserved. David made me a believer and did what he said he would do.--BJ Johnson

I would recommend David McCall to anyone! He has been on the ball. Even with all of the headaches, twists, and turns that a Real Estate purchase can bring, David made sure none of the roadblocks hindered our ability to purchase our Dream Home! If you want things to happen and want success in your home purchase, there is no other choice--choose David McCall as your Buyer or Seller Agent. He will get the job done!--Tammie Sue and Tony Veilleux

It is amazing how David worked out a deal for me that gave me twenty percent equity in my home and helped the sellers to reach all of their own Real Estate goals as well. From financing to buying to investing, David helped me to meet all of my Real Estate goals.--Josh Top

I never met David McCall, but one day I hope to meet him. I assisted my mother-in-law with putting her house on the market with him; and he had it sold and closed in less than two months; and we never had to leave our home state of Florida. While the buyer turned out to be her tenant, David's role still played a key part in the successful transaction. It's not just about finding the buyer, but getting the deal to a successful closing. I recommend David to anyone looking for a Realtor who takes a difficult task and makes it easy.--Chuck Setser.

After several months on the market, I told David that I was ready to move to the Mountains, so he takes a chance and brings an Investor to my house, and we hammer out a deal we are all happy with. Then, best of all, we close the deal at my attorney's office in only in three days--and I am all set to go with the money I wanted and needed. I told David I could just hug his neck, because he was able to make things happen. Believe me, he is worth every dime of commission he earns--Bonnie Medlin

To whom it might concern:

We were fortunate to be assigned David McCall as our Real Estate Agent when we contacted his agency to look for property in the Edenton area for our retirement home. On our first meeting with him he not only showed us the property we requested to see but also showed us other potential properties as well as giving us a tour and history of the town and surrounding area. With this knowledge and his help we were better able to find properties that fit our needs when we were still in another state.

No matter the request, David did his best and responded to our needs. We purchased two properties through his guidance and feel with his knowledge we were better able to negotiate the best deal possible thus giving us what we wanted at an acceptable price.

He also has gone beyond the scope of agent, in going out personally and mowing the lawn of our first property while we were still waitng to move and then providing us with tickets for dinner the evening we moved in at a local fund raiser thus giving us a glimpse of the community and allowing us to meet some of our new neighbors.

He has followed up since our move to see that we have gotten the paperwork etc. that is generated with this type transaction.

We will not hesitate to use David for all our future Real Estate needs and consider him not only our Real Estate Agent, but our FRIEND. If you are looking for a Real Estate Agent to work with for this area we strongly recommend that you use David.

Edenton is all we dreamed of for a retirement community and we thank
David for helping us achieve the reality of our dream and the contentment we have found here.--Mary Frances Belcher/William A. Stinson

Wouldn't you want a Realtor to sit you down and tell you straight out how the system works? That's what David McCall did for me and my group of Real Estate Investors. We made a deal with David McCall and ERA Real Estate to pay out higher commissions on the hope that they could make us more money in less time with fewer headaches. That is exactly what he did for us. We ended up with an extra $250,000 in our pocket. Believe me, you get what you pay for--and with David McCall, we made more money, in less time and with a lot fewer headaches than we ever did before. Ask David for my phone # if you need more good input on what he can do for you--The Virginia Investment Group

David McCall sold our house in Edenton in about 10 days. He was very pleasant and knowledgeable. He handled everything for us even after we left town and went to Georgia. I would recommend him to everyone. I felt he was fair and honest and was very comfortable working with him. I wish him all the best in his real estate career. Thanks David from both us--Carl and Mary Ellen Rabe

David made a difficult job easy. He was fast and efficient in the sale of our home --Something we needed at 86 and 84 years of age--Orvin and Della Rud

Good Morning David, Hope that you had a nice 4th of July! Just wanted to drop you a line and say "Thank you" for your hard work in assisting us selling our house. We appreciate your time and help. We will certainly refer all of our friends up there to you. We sure do appreciate making it very easy for us to close. 1 e-mail, a few papers to sign,1 trip to UPS and a few phone calls, that was nice and easy. Good Luck to you and your family. Thanks for everything!--Jack and Kati Clark

I can believe David McCall was Ranked as the # 1 ERA Real Estate Agent out of 121 agents in the Hampton Roads Council on June 30, 2006. It was just about that time when David assisted me in the re-sell of my investment property that he helped me to secure in February of 2006. In a down market, he helped me to earn profits on my investment and at the same time helped the buyer find the perfect home after the buyer had an exhaustive six month search through other venues. It is rare when a Realtor can find that middle road where everyone is happy and satisfied. David is that kind of Realtor. My thanks goes to David for the hard work and expertise that brought success to this deal and brought satisfaction to all of the parties involved.
Good luck, David--R & J Investments

Dear David: I would like to take this opportunity to say ''Thank You'' for all that you did to make my purchase of 919 Macedonia Road in Edenton smooth and worry free, but merely saying ''Thank You'' would fall incredibly short of what you actually did for me. David, in the twenty years or so that I have been dealing with Real Estate Agents I have never met a more professional, honorable, trustworthy and decent person than I found in you. In my opinion, you are without peer. It would take pages to list the numerous things that you did for me in order that this sale could become a reality, and you did so while protecting your client at every turn. I have never met a Real Estate Agent representing the Seller who treated the Buyer with both respect and sincere consideration.

You took such a personal interest in my end of the deal that there were days when I wondered if it was you that was buying the house and not me. David, I would like to use one word to describe you as both a professional and as a human being, and that word is SUPERIOR!!!!!

Thank you, and God Bless you.
Respectfully--Joseph S. Lento

Ps- Please allow me to write my E-Mail address should
any one ever want a personal reference.

Hi David --Thanks for keeping us posted. You have to go to the top of the list for the 'most efficient and conscientious' realtor alive. Your ideas far surpass any realtor I have come in contact with. If this property does not sell, we cannot say that an excellent try was not made--Marlene and Herb Mathers

Thank you David McCall.
It was a pleasure meeting you as well as working with you!
My mom is happy. When she is happy so am I. Thanks again!--Denise Harrell


Our family definitely appreciates all you did to make the listing & sale of our late Dad's home go so smoothly.

Thank you for explaining and disclosing information regarding the listing of homes in the area, buyers, issues involved with inspections, closings, and post-closing protocol.

Further, you truly went above and beyond to accommodate us -- everything from taking care of a Salvation Army pickup at my Dad's house, to facilitating cleaning and hauling, to being the point person for my son's car to be picked up at the house.

We cannot thank you enough for making this a most positive experience during a very sorrowful time for our family.

On behalf of the Hinton Family:
Sincerely, Carla Nadine Hinton

Dear David,

Thank you so much for all your help in the purchase of our home in Hertford. You went above and beyond the call of duty! Since we were coming from such a distance, we really appreciate all the legwork you did prior to settlement. As a life long resident of the area, you really knew what you were talking about when it came to the history of the area and who to call for inspections, insurance, and just general knowledge of the area. We couldn't have found a more willing Realtor to get us the best price for what we were looking for. You introduced us to people in town that will be of help in the future. We hope that when we finally move in , we can count you as our first good friend, among the many we hope to make in our new home.

Thanks again--Katrina and Glenn Riggs

Dear David,

Thank you for your efforts selling our house.

You raised the price 20% when the market turned downward and still sold our home in that tough environment.

We appreciate your efforts to communicate constantly with us and to make yourself readily available.

Also, your negotiating skills and understanding of the Real Estate market really made our experience a good one.

Once again, thank you for getting the job done and for helping us with the sale of our $650,000 waterfront home.

Good luck with future endeavors!--Herb and Marlene Mathers.

David, Thanks for your experience and advice.. You have done a great job, been very professional and a pleasure to work with--Jenny and Justin Davenport.

To whom it may concern, David did an excellent job selling our property in Washington County. We want to thank him for his quickness and ease of dealing with our Real Estate needs.--Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hulion.

Selling my house with David was a "GREAT Experience!"--Ray Wright, Jr.

David was on top of everything. It all went very smooth. He was available at all times and made sure everything clicked along just like it should.--Ann Barclay.

Great timing! You sold our house at the perfect time in a difficult market. Your advice on pricing and market conditions was extremely accurate and timely. Thanks for a job well done--Keith and Jennifer Privott.

David, thanks for your professionalism and ease to work with--Johnney Greene.

No other Realtor could have thought up your ideas to sell my property. It made it work out well for me, and it was perfect for the folks buying the property as well--great ideas that worked out for both buyers and sellers. And thanks for always staying in contact and always being accessible--Jack and Gertrude Hudson.

Thank you so much for helping us to find our dream home here in Hertford. We were extremely pleased with all of the assistance you gave us.

We would highly recommend you to anyone in the market for property--Jennie and Joey Conner 

Handling both sides of the transaction can be difficult, but David helped us to get what we needed. He did a great job for us as the buyers and also for his seller all the way through the sales process--Joe and Beverly Pierce

David knows exactly what is going on with the conditions of this terrible market, and he knew how to properly price my property so that it could be sold. He did not ever give up and yet made sure I did what I needed to do in making the price fit the market and doing the things I needed to be successful--Marie Belangia
I am totally pleased with the service provided by David. He provided candid advice about today's market and proved to be "spot on" with his

recommendations. David is a go getter and I would not hesitate to work with him in the future--Col (Ret) Bill Smith

David was amazing. He guided us through the entire process (and we needed guidance) and worked so hard to get us our dream house. The time and dedication he put in was incredible. He made our unreachable dream come true--Selena and David Fueston

David McCall has sold two homes for us over the past several years. Recently he sold our home in under 90 days. Quite a feat in today's housing market. His knowledge of the housing markets and attention to the needs of the seller and buyer make him an outstanding real estate agent. Our highest recommendation--Ron & Susan LaButti, Las Vegas, NV

Working with David has been the most pleasant Real Estate experience I have ever had. Being a veteran of many Real Estate deals/closings, I have had many unpleasant encounters with agents. David is not only the consummate professional, he has also become a friend and someone I feel I can truly trust. He is my first choice to recommend to my friends and family --Jeff Waguespack

My testimony for the Realtor, David E. McCall--I call him to be a God sent blessing--not just into my life but also into the life of my daughter (Selena) and her family. David you have always presented yourself with such interest for the customer and with sincere compassion. You did what ever it took to see that my desire and dream for a new home would come to pass. I feel like you went the extra mile to make it happen for everyone involved. Thank you from the bottom of my heart--Ofelia Baxter

David McCall was our agent in shining armor. As absentee owners of a
house in Creswell, David set upon the task of making sure our home was not only properly groomed for showings but that it was shown to the widest number of potential buyers in what everyone has deemed the worst market in decades. The result was nothing less than spectacular. David McCall has the perseverance to break through this downturn, the local knowledge to define potential clientele and the will to see it through to the finish line. Go David McCall or stay home.
--Scott & Michelle Massidda

July 7, 2010

To whom it may concern;

Over the past several years we have used David McCall for both selling and purchasing. I have found David to be a very knowledgeable and courteous agent capable of thinking "outside of the box". Each and every time I have worked with David he has shown a very high level of professionalism and integrity to both the seller and the purchaser. In this day and time I know it is unusual to hear but David has gone above and beyond exceeding my expectations.

I would highly recommend using David McCall for any of your real estate needs.


To all in Edenton:
I had moved back home to Rhode Island leaving unfinished business in Edenton - a house for sale. This is a testament to my real estate agent, David McCall. David took care of things for me in my absence. He always stayed in touch with me, informed me of market changes, checked on my unoccupied home frequently and advised me what needed to be done. When my house sold, he made sure of a smooth settlement all the way to the end and I wasn't even in town. He even coordinated my furniture to be sold so I made a little extra money. I highly recommend David McCall as the best real estate agent in Edenton, NC--Marcia Hess

To whom it may concern:
We listed our house with David in April, 2011. It was a very small house in the Edenton Cotton Mill community. Generally, the homes take 18 months to 3 years to sell--so we were prepared to wait, especially in this economy. We had a contract three months later. David is very knowlegeable of the area and goes the extra step in marketing and contacting clients. We would definitely recommend him!--Lauren Kenndy and Richard Kirk

David knew that we wanted to upsize our house yet we knew that the likelyhood of selling our house would not be to good. David had a house on the market & knew that we really liked it. That family needed to downsize. He had the idea to see if they would like to switch houses. Fortunately, they did. He was very good about working w/the loan officer and getting all the necessary papers together for both parties involved. He even came to our house in the evenings to work around our schedule. I felt up to date the about everything that was taking place. David was a great help and he saw everything through to the end--Forrest and Tina Liverman

David McCall was my real estate agent in my recent move, both selling my house and purchasing my new residence. David really went above and beyond my expectations as a realtor, he was more than just a realtor, he was a real friend and great neighbor to my husband and I. He truly cared about every detail of our moving experience and went out of his way to ensure that our move was a pleasant experience. I would definitely recommend David McCall to anyone looking to sell or buy property!!!!--Pattie and AJ Cooper

David was very instrumental in selling my mother in law's home in Edenton, NC. He had excellent ideas and follow through. Before and after the sale he has been in contact with us. We highly recommend David.--Beverly and Bill Ervin

We had a wonderful experience working with David McCall. Not only were we very pleased with his ability to locate us the right house but his concern in doing so. He was helpful in everyway. He guided us through all the steps especially directing us to the right person to help with the financial aspects. We have not been able to sell our home in the north and David is still helping us out by assisting us with some of the details that come up concerning our new home in Edenton. I would highly recommend him.--Adele and Jim Jones

We highly recommend David McCall as a real estate agent. He is very ambitious, personable, and easy to work with! He will work very hard at getting your property sold!--Bobi and Justis Bobbitt

David has what it takes to get the deal done! I contacted David at the last minute on a holiday weekend to view a house he had listed. He made himself immediately available and showed me that house, as well as several others in the area to make sure I had a broad understanding of the real estate market in the area. I decided to buy the house I had called about. David put me in contact with top-notch local professionals that took care of all of the details necessary to complete the transaction. All of this was done while I was out-of-state. David did not disappear after the sale. Our closing was two days before hurricane Irene passed over Edenton. The next day I got a call from David. He had checked on the house for me. Luckily, the only damage from the storm was tree limbs in the yard, which he had already picked up and taken to the curb!--Randy Meyer

Willing to get the job done. Very thorough and detail oriented. On top of things until our house closed. We have recommended him to several people already.--Patrick and Belinda Flynn, Edenton Coffee House.

Dave showed us properties besides his own. He assessed our goals and helped us meet them. very low pressure. Patient--David and Betty Macias

Very hard working and knowledgeable about the real estate market in northeastern NC.--The Willifords--Wash House, Inc. of Northeastern NC

We live in Virginia, but David always called to let us know how the property was doing, even if the news was only that he was showing the house. David kept us informed on all levels. We really appreciate the job he did for us.I have already recommended him to a friend and it has been less than a week since our house sold.You cannot go wrong if you get David McCall for all of your real estate needs.--Anne Brewster


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